•  3 Way 10 Ton Hydraulic Puller Set
Puller is designed to work as a three jaw puller and three way bearing separator. Makes a Hydraulic Bearing Separator for long shaft.
Maximum working length: 500mm. Bearing size: 50 to 75mm.
Gear or puller size: < 110mm Jaw length: 160mm.
1 x 10ton Hydraulic Ram
1 x Three Way Cross Block Pulling Head 1 x Adapter for Manual Forcing Screw 1 x 300mm Forcing Screw
1 x Three Way Bearing Splitter
3 x 150mm Extension Legs
3 x 200mm Extension Legs 3 x 100mm Extension Legs 3 x 25mm   Extension Legs
3 x Thin Jaw puller legs 160mm long

3 Way 10 Ton Hydraulic Puller Set

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