• Combination Puller Kit, up to 24 Variations.
This set contains the basic equipment for 2 and 3 arm pullers needed in every workshop.
It also includes all 3 different type for pulling off transmission of pulling hooks available - standard, narrow and extremely narrow with chamfered corners. Ideal for or pulling off transmission gears, bearings, pinions and synchronizer bodies. By turning the pulling hooks, the pullers can be used both externally and internally. Pulling width up to 120 mm, pulling depth up to 350 mm, thanks to included extensions. 2 arm version for space saving work, 3 arm version for even load distribution and especially secure hold on the part to be pulled (refer to chart for max pulling force with each type of puller). Design allows hooks staying parallel, even under a full load the part to be pulled lies only on the support surfaces of the pulling hooks and is pulled off gently. The Quick Adjust red knob ensures fast, trouble-free adjustment - the pulling hooks can be loosened and moved along the crossbar without the need for a wrench. The spindle heads have a band that prevents the wrench from slipping off during the pulling process. Parts included in this comprehensive set, up to 24 different puller combinations are possible. Supplied in L-Box system box with foam.

Combination Puller Kit, up to 24 Variations.

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